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Fitness doesn’t end at a magic number.

We may get older each year (which is a great thing since the alternative isn’t so appealing), but we don’t have to get “old” – that’s a state of mind that is entirely up to you. Yes, our bodies change and we find we aren’t able to perform and recover as we did when we were 20. We’re not supposed to!

With age also comes wisdom, which should include the understanding that if we don’t use our bodies, they will atrophy. Teresa says:

I have arthritis all over my body, an artificial knee, and a wrist with limited movement – not to mention the changes that come with post-menopause. I’ve had to learn my body and adapt exercises so that I can strengthen what needs to be strengthened and stretch what needs to be stretched. Whatever you believe to be your limitations, we can work with them to enable you to be healthier. If your hip is hurt, you have another hip as well as arms, legs, and core to work on. If you have Parkinsons or any other disease, we can work with that to strengthen muscles in your body to support the weak ones. Arthritis hurts like crazy, but strengthening muscles help support the joints that are creaky. There are no excuses. You must move!

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Photo by Robert Agthe

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