Training is one of those things you can do by yourself — but many people don’t because they need the incentive or don’t quite know what to do; or worse, don’t think they can. Many also don’t know what to do to supplement their regular activities.

That’s where Teresa comes in. She says:

I’ve participated in sports of one type or another all my life. As a young person, I would just do it. Sometimes I was even a little intelligent and realized the importance of training before I did it. As I got older, I discovered that I could still participate if I trained properly. Then as I got older still, when many of my peers thought they were too old to move, I learned how I could tweak exercises so that I could continue to participate actively in life.

Whether you’re a cyclist, a swimmer, a marathoner, triathlete, a tough mudder, or simply a participant in life, I can show you how to be active more effectively.

Training is a learning process. You learn to listen to your body in order to achieve your goals. It’s not only about muscles and movement, but also about sleep and nutrition. It’s about learning how your body functions and how to supplement that so you may live optimally. It’s about balance and function on several levels. It’s actually quite fascinating to be introduced to your body, no matter how old you are.


Tough Mudder

You have what it takes to do a tough mudder? You will for sure with Teresa on your team. Here’s what she says: Tough Mudder is one of those new races that I only heard about a couple of years ago. A young man I’ve known most of his life and whom I was training … Continue reading Tough Mudder


Training for your first marathon — or your 10th triathlon?  Teresa will get you ready. As in cycling (a part of triathlon) there are a number of ways to exercise to increase your performance in marathons and triathlons as well as reduce injuries. Also, as in cycling, core exercises are extremely important. In triathlon, the … Continue reading Marathon/Triathlon


Cycling training is one of those things that is a little deceiving. Your legs get stronger the more you cycle. That’s a given. What many don’t realize is the strain your shoulders are under as you ride. Cycling requiress major core strength, “core” meaning all muscles in the trunk of your body – back, sides, shoulders, shoulder … Continue reading Cycling

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an amazing art form that will help increase strength and flexibility, but also help with breath control, blood circulation and overall health. Tai Chi is a martial art. Each slow, controlled movement requires balance and the coordination of movement of arms, legs, and body along with breath. When put together, the body … Continue reading Tai Chi

Senior Fitness

Fitness doesn’t end at a magic number. We may get older each year (which is a great thing since the alternative isn’t so appealing), but we don’t have to get “old” – that’s a state of mind that is entirely up to you. Yes, our bodies change and we find we aren’t able to perform … Continue reading Senior Fitness


Just move. Can you do more tomorrow than you did yesterday? Intentional movement of any kind will improve your quality of life. Take charge of your life. Live it rather than allowing it to simply pass by. Be a participant rather than a spectator. Yes, these are catch phrases that you may have heard, but … Continue reading Movement

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