Keep Moving!!

Yeah, keep moving. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it. Sometimes various items of the body just don’t work, you get sick, you are busy…blah, blah, blah Sooo, let’s get real, here. What’s really holding you back from exercising, even a little? I’ve had clients in boots, neck braces, slings, with MS, Parkinson’s, two broken hips (same one twice), screwed up discs, and on and on.

The fact is that it doesn’t take a lot to start. If you talk with someone who is in the fitness industry and they say you need to lift heavy, run, get your heart rate up, or other such things, I’m telling you right now, just walk away. Do you need to do all these things? Well, yeah, eventually, but you don’t start there. You start first by finding out if you have overactive or underactive muscles. Then you find out what your balance and core strength are like. That’s what you start with. If you can’t stand on one foot while lifting your arms up in a V, then you have some basic work to do. *This* is moving, folks. Shoot, I’ve had more than a few clients that I had sitting down, then standing up, having them pay attention to basic muscles they should be using. It wore them out…and it will if you’re not used to it

That said, if you’re used to doing more advanced work, then do it…sensibly. Don’t go great guns when you haven’t been doing it for a while. That’s setting yourself up for failure. Your brain doesn’t comprehend that you’re out of condition and need to get back up to speed. Take it easy, avoid injury and frustration, and you’ll get back before you know it.

My point is that you’re trying to set up habits of moving just like you eat, drink, sleep and other potentially healthy habits to keep you going for a while. If you’re changing your diet, I usually don’t recommend making drastic changes at first, but cutting out the nasty habits first. The same with exercise. First determine your goals, how bad you want them, why you want them, then start working on a plan on how to get there. If you need help, give me a shout!

In the meantime, read back on my previous blog posts. They’re old and I have been bad about keeping them current, but they all have good information.

See you again soon.


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